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The Mitzvah Movie

Here's a message you've been waiting for, about making a movie of The Mitzvah, the powerful little pro-freedom, pro-self-defense novel Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith wrote together back in 1999.

Who are Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith? Aaron is the founder and executive director of JPFO -- Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. L. Neil Smith, is the award-winning author of more than 20 pro-freedom, pro-self-defense novels, and of countless speeches and internet essays.

The Mitzvah, named Freedom Book of the Month by, recounts the adventures of politically correct Father John Greenwood, ultraliberal Catholic monsignor and "liberation theologist" whose existence gets brutally rearranged when he learns an important secret about himself, and is forced to look back at his life from a radically different perspective. The result is a story that is both profoundly philosophical and a stirring action-adventure thriller at the same time.

A screenplay of The Mitzvah has now been completed. Specialized accountants have produced a detailed budget to go with it, and have determined that making a movie out of the novel will cost just under $2,000,000. As movies go today, that's cheap -- and the movie-maker is a professional, with a track record for finishing on or under budget.

Aaron, indomitable leader of "America's most aggressive civil rights organization" personally supervised the writing of the script, making sure it stayed on message -- the message he and Neil want it to carry to all the people of America. He'll be present on the set, at shooting locations in Chicago and Los Angeles, for the same purpose.

Having an independent film producer allows them to do an end-run around socialist politicians, the slavish mass-media, and Hollywood gatekeepers. Reading the script, it becomes clear that the movie won't be dull and preachy -- the message is worked in subtly, in a manner calculated to show the story, rather than tell it, and to appeal to viewers' feelings, as well as their intellects.

Until America is a free country again -- before evil political manipulators like Charles Schumer, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Tom Daschle, Christine Todd Whitman, and Diane Feinstein manage to destroy everything that makes it worthy of our love and loyalty -- there won't be another movie like this. It will portray the act of self-defense -- and the tools that make it possible -- in a positive light. Nor will any other movie show the world that there are pro-gun Jews.

Aaron and Neil can't honestly predict that a movie of The Mitzvah will be a blockbuster hit, or spectacularly profitable. That, of course, is for the market to decide. But they believe it'll take their little novel's pro-freedom, pro-self-defense message to places it's never gone before -- places the Schumers, McCains, Kennedys, Daschles, Whitmans, and Feinsteins don't want it to go. What Aaron and Neil are asking you to do is make an investment in freedom that will do more to restore the Bill of Rights and the rule of law to America than all of the direct-mail panic-contribution lobby groups and dirty, double-crossing political parties put together.

Their movie-maker is looking for large-scale investors. At the same time, JPFO is looking for those individuals who might prefer to make substantial tax-deductible contributions to the effort. Either way, they're doing something here that hasn't ever been done before, something they hope will have unprecedented success in changing our civilization for the better.

They hope to accomplish something that desperately needs doing, and soon. It will put the left in general -- and those within the Jewish community in particular -- who support the anti-self-defense policies of socialism and the United Nations, on the defensive and keep them there. It could be the only way the truth on these issues will ever reach the bulk of the population, formed and shaped the way Americans like best, as a visual presentation with the unarguable power of the movies. If it doesn't get done now, when will it get done?

Aaron and Neil are asking for your help to make it happen. If you're a serious potential investor or a likely contributor, please contact Aaron at for further details. He'll be glad to accept your donations, put potential investors in contact with our movie-maker, and see that they get a copy of the shooting script and budget for evaluation.

Come on, help them make a movie!

Help them make history!

Help them ensure your liberty!

Help them make America free again!

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