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L. Neil Smith's Books

And Cover Art for the Same

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Online Bookstore, the Novels of L. Neil Smith with descriptions and sources. [Updated!](Updated September 11, 2005)

WorldFAQ: L. Neil Smith's North American Confederacy, by Christopher A. Goodwin

A picture of the L. Neil Smith family found on David Anderson's Homepage!

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Cover Art and Bibliographical Details

I've indicated the size of the scanned cover .jpg files in case you have a slow connection or something. -- The Webley Webmaster

The Probability Broach (Del Rey, 1980) (see below for the 1996 re-issue) image size: 50,198-bytes

The Venus Belt (Del Rey, 1980) image size: 56,526-bytes

Their Majesties' Bucketeers (Del Rey, 1981) image size: 55,063-bytes

The Nagasaki Vector (Del Rey, 1983) image size: 46,131-bytes

Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu (Del Rey, 1983) image size: 42,023-bytes

Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon (Del Rey, 1983) image size is 50,174-bytes

Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka (Del Rey, 1983) image size: 37,806-bytes

Tom Paine Maru (Del Rey, 1984) image size is 36,560-bytes

The Gallatin Divergence (Del Rey, 1985) image size is 52,985-bytes

The Wardove (Ace, 1986) image size is 45,725-bytes

The Crystal Empire (Tor, 1986) image size is 74,746-bytes

Brightsuit MacBear (Avon, 1988) image size is 69,720-bytes

Taflak Lysandra (Avon, 1989) image size is 57,925

Henry Martyn (Tor, 1989) image size is 44,663-bytes

Contact and Commune (Warner/Questar, 1990) image size is 49,645-bytes

Converse and Conflict (Warner/Questar, 1990) image size is 57,548-bytes

Concert and Cosmos (not [yet!] published)(Coming April 2000!)

Open Space, a Marvel comic, contains an story scripted by L. Neil Smith image size is 87,562-bytes

Pallas (Tor, 1991) image size is 54,410-bytes

The Probability Broach -- Republished, in unexpurgated form, by TOR Books in October, 1996. image size is 66,578, and 50,198 bytes

Bretta Martyn -- published in August, 1997. image size is 121,134-bytes

Free Space contains a story by L. Neil Smith image size is 100,216-bytes

Bretta Martyn -- paperback, published in October, 1998. image size is 49,070-bytes

The Mitzvah -- paperback, published in 1999. image size is 42,841-bytes

Forge of the Elders -- published April 2000 (image size is 58,683-bytes)

Lever Action -- published April, 2001 (image size is 53,039-bytes)

Hope -- paperback, published in August, 2001 (image size is 41,301-bytes)

The American Zone -- published Nobember, 2001 (image size is 74-279-bytes)

The Probability Broach -- Republished, in a trade paperback edition, by TOR Books in December, 2001. (image size is 54,404-bytes)

The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
(with Scott Bieser). Published by Bighead Press, November 2004. (image size is 82,866-bytes)

Tom Paine Maru (eBook, 2005) image size: 84,518-bytes)[New!]

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