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Project Ceres

Project Ceres Kickoff!

This is it!

The Ceres Project is being announced and is open for participation. A Powerpoint presentation describing this exciting project is available on the Yahoo Groups FILES section:
Its called CeresProject.ppt.
HTML version:

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We all admire L. Neil Smith's books, and his work to bring liberty to fruition. Like you, I wanted to help Neil get the word out, to contribute in a real way, and I especially wanted to help bring his next book, Ceres, to life.

That's why I have formed a syndicate to produce L. Neil Smith's next book, entitled Ceres. The Ceres Project is a syndicate of investors that are funding both a book and a film project.

This idea originally came from Tom Knapp, and both he and Neil have authorized me to make this project "go".

Here's the best part: there are multiple levels of investment/participation possible!

Ceres is going to be like Neil's Pallas, only BETTER - and in discussions we've had with Neil we think this is his breakthrough book.

We're doing it this way for three reasons:

a) We want to go to the New York publishers with a lot of moxie, mojo, and power behind us. Having a syndicate of investors tells these guys, "hey, this is going to be an amazing book - pay attention!"

b) It gives us much better ability to market the ancillary film, ebook, and audio book rights, and free's the author from being screwed/crunched up by the big guys unncessarily.

c) It is a free-market approach to getting a book written, and it gives the author a (very) modest income to live on while he writes the book. In Renaissance times, a patron might sponsor an artist or a gifted writer. In these modern times, a group of individual people can get together and ACT like A Patron of the Arts <smile>

I have personally invested $5000 as a Platinum member of The Ceres Project, and am the Volunteer Chairman. As such, I am taking on the task of forming the syndicate and inviting interested people to check it out, and then participate.

One of my good friends, Dave Kinnear, is another investor at the $5000 Platinum level. That means that we have $10,000 of the necessary $50,000 already in L. Neil Smith's hands!

We welcome your participation in this breakthrough project. Please review the Powerpoint presentation, and get back to me as soon as you can. You can certainly query Neil directly as well.

Best Regards,

Alan R. Weiss
The Ceres Project

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