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Ares Alliance Reaches Over Half-Way Mark

November 11, 2003

Austin, Texas and Ft. Collins, Colorado (LNS)—The Ares Alliance announced today that it has reached more than half its goal of $50,000, reported Voluntary Chairman of the Ares Alliance Alan R. Weiss.

The Ares Alliance is a private investment club set up to help fund the book and film-treatment of Ares, a new libertarian science fiction work of art from the Dean of the genre, Three-Time Prometheus Award winner L. Neil Smith. Following on the heals of the fully- subscribed "Ceres Project" investment club, Ares is expected to reach full-subscription of $50,000 by the first quarter of 2004.

"We're delighted that we continue to receive inquiries and new members joining The Ares Alliance", remarked Weiss. "Its an opportunity to participate directly with the creator, L. Neil Smith, and to help bring to life a major new work of fiction that will bring even more converts to liberty", he said. "You will join other forward-thinking individuals that, working as a team, will help influence the direction of popular culture towards liberty."

"I can't begin to tell you how your confidence in me makes me feel", said Author and Creative Talent L. Neil Smith to an Ares Alliance member. "The Ares Alliance, combined with "The Ceres Project", has the ability to completely shake the foundations of both the New York publishing companies and Hollywood", he explained.

More information can be found at: A slide show explaining how the Alliance works can be found at:

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