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Texas ueber Alles

I've just celebrated the 15th anniversary of my 39th birthday.

My present to me is the pleasure of telling you I've started work on a very silly (and extremely serious, in its own way) new novel with world-famed cartoonist Rex F. "Baloo" May. A science fiction tale of alternate history, its working title is Texas ueber Alles.

In 1947, in a Lone Star Republic that never was part of the United States (and where Scott Joplin and immigrant Richard Wagner met in the east Texas city of New Orleans to write the epic opera, Die Alamo) President Charles Lindbergh orders an unlikely group of Texas Rangers to race against time and foreign enemies -- the socialist United States, the fascist Republic of California, and the ... rather strange Franco-Mexican Empire -- to claim the wreckage of an apparent alien spacecraft near the west Texas town of Roswell.

Along the way, we'll see many familiar faces occupying unfamiliar -- but inarguably logical -- places. Ronald Reagan, for example, is the Michael Reagan of Texas. Moe, Larry, and Curley have a TV cooking show. Henry A. Wallace is president of the United States, Charles de Gaulle is the premier of Mexico, and in California -- no, that's a surprise.

Rex and I are taking this unusual step -- announcing our new novel before it's written -- (we'll be sending out messages like this about once a month to inform you of our progress and to offer tantalizing glimpses) because we want you to anticipate its publication and spread the word. Also, crassly enough, we have the project on the market now and we'd like to find a suitable publisher.

I'm the author of over 20 science fiction and other novels like The Probability Broach, Forge of the Elders, and The Mitzvah with Aaron Zelman). Find me at I also publish an online opinion journal, The Libertarian Enterprise

Rex is a humorist and "cartoonists' cartoonist" whose work appears almost everywhere. He writes for fellow cartoonists, contributing to "Frank 'n' Ernest" and "Ziggy" among others, and to National Lampoon in its golden age. His own book, Gesundheit, Dummy! may be bought at

We can be reached cybernetically at and, respectively. Attention publishers: our lovely and talented agent/attorney Tom "Lawyer Daggett" Creasing can be reached at

To see what we look like, click on:

A Picture

To not see what we look like, send $25.00 in cash (small bills, please) to P.O. Box 106, Bellvue, Colorado 80512.

Deeply and sincerely,

L. Neil Smith
Fort Collins, Colorado
May 15, 2000

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